October 19, 2007

The perils of match.com

This post was sent to me by my fabulous friend/gawker.com enthusiast J. Click here for the scoop. Not sure if he counts as an ex, but he sure is an entitled a**hole.

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chinadollfoof said...

i also have match.com woes.

1. i sent a guy a picture of myself and his reply?

"well, i guess we can still be friends..."

seriously? are you kidding me?

2. i winked at an asian guy (i'm also asian) and he actually said to me:

"i'll be honest and tell you upfront that i'm just not attracted to asian girls. they just don't do it for me."

wouldn't it be easier just to ignore the wink? i may be asian, but that just means i'm smart enough to read context clues.

what does a cutie, smart and funny woman have to do to get someone who's not a freakshow?