October 25, 2007

Is that really why you are breaking up with me?

This post was provided by my lovely friend N. This is her second post to this site. So her awful boyfriend broke up with her via e-mail! Not only that, he broke up with her while she was sick, in the hospital, and in a foreign country! To add insult to injury, he provided only the lamest excuses for the demise of their relationship. Here is an excerpt:

For example, for me the moral importance of social activism is a very core value, but one I sense you don't share. I'm also very dedicated to topics like the mathematical study of culture, which I sense you view with some weariness.

Is he for real?
Rule #2: Never date an analytic philosopher.

October 19, 2007

The perils of match.com

This post was sent to me by my fabulous friend/gawker.com enthusiast J. Click here for the scoop. Not sure if he counts as an ex, but he sure is an entitled a**hole.