January 31, 2009

Cross-Stitch 7: Ouch.

A friend of a friend received this text from a f**k buddy. Why do f**k buddies always pull this s**t?

Cross-Stitch 6: Frenemies

Translation: I hate her more than I like you.
I apologize for the weird cross-stitch font.
It seemed like a good idea at the time.

This message was sent to my friend B. She basically got caught in the cross-fire when two of her friends decided to declare war on one another. She tried to remain friends with both combatants, but this was not to be. One of them replied with this harsh statement when explaining why she no longer wanted B. in her life. Girls can be so mean....

B. told me over dinner that this frenemy had found her years later on Facebook and had requested that B. add her as a friend. B. has yet to respond.